Playing with Graphs --- 3

Calculus Level 4

f(x)=cos1sin1[sec(ln(2x2+3x2x23x+2))] f (x) = {\cos}^{-1} \sqrt{ {\sin}^{-1} \left[\sec \left( \ln \left(\dfrac{2x^2 + 3x -2}{x^2 - 3x + 2} \right)\right) \right]} Find the range of the above function.

Enter your answer as (Σαi2)+1( \Sigma {{\alpha}_{i}}^{2}) + 1 where αi {\alpha}_{i} represents the integers in the set of range.

If there are no integers in the range of f(x)f (x) then enter your answer as 0.

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