Pocket full of Imagination

Geometry Level 3

I had a red cube like this

I took \(26\) more such cube(red from all sides) and joined them to form a bigger cube\((3×3×3=27) red cubes\). And painted it blue from all of its six sides from the outside, like this.
Now , I took \(26\) more such cubes (with each cube having (\(3×3×3\)) red cubes painted blue from outside), and joined them to form a much bigger cube\((9×9×9=729 cubes)\) and painted it Green from all its six sides from the outside like this:

How many smaller cubes \(the\) \(one\) \(that\) \(I\) \(had\) \(at\) \(the \) \(starting\) are painted blue on \(1\) side Green on \(2\) sides and red on the other \(3\) sides?

This is Fifth problem of the set Just Imagine


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