Pokémon elimination grid 1

Logic Level 4

The image above (detailed view here) shows how a Pokemon's type can affect the damage it takes from an attack.

We are given certain information about five Pokemon \(A,B,C,D,E\).

  1. All five Pokemon are of a distinct type and also have that type of attack.

  2. Pokemon A's attack do not do \(\times 2\) damage to any type.

  3. Pokemon B only takes \(\times 1\) damage from Pokemon \(A, C, D,\) and \(E.\)

  4. Pokemon C's attacks do \(\times 2\) damage to three of the other given Pokemon (\(A,B,D,E\)). It also takes \(\times .5\) damage from only two of the other given Pokemon.

  5. Pokemon E's attack does \(\times 1\) to its own type.

What is the typing of Pokemon D?

Details and Assumptions

From the chart, the attack's power is multiplied by the given power against certain types. i.e fighting types are multiplied \(\times 2\) against steel types.


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