Poor Bug, Will it ever succeed?

An extremely stretchable rubber band of natural length L\displaystyle L has its one end tied to a wall.
A bug peacefully rests at the outer end. Just when it seemed that everything was good, an evil-minded child starts pulling the outer end by a constant velocity v\displaystyle v. The bug immediately realizes the danger, and simultaneously starts crawling towards the other end at a speed u\displaystyle u (relative to the band).

Will the bug ever reach the wall? If so, how long (in sec) would it take to reach it?

Answer 0\displaystyle 0 if you think that the bug will never reach the wall.

Details and Assumptions:
\bullet L=15 cm\displaystyle L = 15 \text{ cm}
\bullet v=3 cm/s\displaystyle v = 3 \text{ cm/s}
\bullet u=1 cm/s\displaystyle u = 1 \text{ cm/s}


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