Prasun Vs Azhaghu (Tic-Tac-duel - 3)

Once Prasun and Azhaghu were playing the famous game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Prasun plays the cross i.e ' XX' and Azhaghu plays a circle i.e 'OO'. In the above picture , now its Azhaghu's turn. However this time Azhaghu plays a wrong move, which causes him to eventually lose the game (so sad).

What are all the possible places that Azhaghu could put an 'OO' which will make him lose to Prasun? Enter your answer as the sum of all these squares.

Details and assumptions:

  • A player can put his symbol only once every move and a player cannot say pass his turn.

  • Assume that Azhaghu and Prasun both play perfectly after Azhaghu's wrong move.

For more , try this set.This problem is created by me!


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