Pulley Problem

A ball mass of mass 30 kg rests on a pan attached to a rope that goes around a pulley and is attached to another pan.

Anand, who has mass 60 kg, wants to send this ball up to a platform.

Anand has 3 options:

1) Anand can himself sit on the other pan.

2) Anand can pull the other pan down by rope attached below it using force 600 N.

3) Anand can place another ball of mass 30 kg on the other pan and then pull the rope attached below it down with 300 N.

Which method will provide the fastest acceleration to send the ball up to the platform?

Rank the methods from fastest to slowest acceleration as your answer.

Note: The gravitational acceleration is g=10 m/s2.g=10\text{ m/s}^2.


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