Quad Capacitor Circuit

An AC power supply with a voltage (\(V_s\)) of \(15\text{ V}\) and a frequency (\(f\)) of \(30\text{ Hz}\) was connected to a circuit of four capacitors (\(C\)).

In this circuit, \(C_\text{I} = \dfrac{10}{\pi}\text{ F}\), \(C_\text{II} = \dfrac{4}{\pi}\text{ F}\), \(C_\text{III} = \dfrac{6}{\pi}F\), and \(C_\text{IV} = \dfrac{20}{\pi}\text{ F}\).

Determine the current (\(I\)) of this circuit in \(\text{amps}\).

Note: \(X_c = \dfrac{1}{2 \pi \text{ f }C_\text{circuit}} \) and \(I = \dfrac{V_s}{X_c} \).

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