Question 3 - A Logical Question

Logic Level pending

Two players, John and Jessie played a game. The game starts with 10c points each player. Each player will get 25c points every \( \frac{1}{4}\) hours. If that player spells the word correctly or wrongly, that player will give or deduct points based on the formula below.

3 letter words:

Correctly: c points

Wrongly: o points

4 letter words:

Correctly: 2c points

Wrongly: 2o points


John spells 9 and 7 letter words correctly and 6 letter words wrongly. While Jessie spells 6 and 9 letter words correctly and 3 and 8 letter words wrongly. If c points is a positive number and o points is a negative number, who's points is more than the other player after 1 hour?


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