Reach for the Summit - P-S1-A5

As shown above, AB,BC,CD,ADAB,BC,CD,AD are four rigid rods connected by hinges whose lengths are LL, and it's obvious that quadrilateral ABCDABCD is a rhombus.

Initially, the diagonal BDBD is longer than ACAC, and the rhombus is put on the horizontal ground, then A,CA,C is moving to the opposite side along line ACAC with the same magnitude of velocity vv.

What's the acceleration (m/s2)(m/s^2) of point BB relative to the ground at the moment when the rhombus becomes a square (see the picture on the right)?

Submit the value when L=2 m, v=10 m/sL=\sqrt{2}\ m,\ v=10\ m/s.

Reach for the Summit problem set - Physics


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