Organic Chemistry Divergent-Convergent reaction of 2-butanol

Chemistry Level 2

A solution of \(\text{2-butanol}\) was split into two flasks labeled \(A\) and \(B\). A mixture of \(\text{phosphorus}\) and \(\text{bromine}\) was added to flask \(A\); to flask \(B\) aqueous \(\text{hydroxide}\) was poured in. The contents of flask \(B\) were then transferred to flask \(A\). A product resulted from the mixture.

Input your answer as the number of \(\text{hydrogen}\) divided by the number of \(\text{carbons}\) in the final product, to two decimal places: \[\text{Answer }= \frac{\text{Number of Hydrogens}_{\text{ product}}}{\text{Number of Carbons}_{\text{ product}}}.\]

Hint: The reaction is \(S_N2\), not \(E2\).

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