Reading Newspaper.. ?

Times, Mirror and Sun are three newspapers

  • All readers of the Times read the Sun.

  • Every person either reads the Sun or does not read the Mirror.

  • 11 people read the Sun but does not read the Mirror.

  • 8 people read either the Times or the Mirror but not both.

  • 10 people read the Sun and either read the Mirror or do not read the Times.

  • 14 people either read the Sun and not the Mirror or read both the Sun and Mirror.

  • 9 people neither read the Times nor the Mirror.

Answer the following questions:

(a.) Number of people who read only sun are





(b.)Number of people who read Times and Mirror both are





(c.)Number of people who do not read any of the newspaper are





Details and Assumptions: Give you answer as \( \overline{A_{a}A_{b}A_{c}}\), where \(A_{a} , A_{b} , A_{c}\) are the option number which you have chosen as the answers of question a,b and c.


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