Real Life Applications of Geometry

Geometry Level 5

We all know that in summers days are longer and nights are shorter. So let's apply a little geometry to calculate the hours of daylight in a complete day.

Let the percentage of hours of daylight out of total hours in a complete day be \(x\). What is the value of \(\left\lfloor(10 x-500) \right\rfloor\)?

Details and Assumptions

  • We are talking about the day of summer solstice in Jaipur.

  • The latitude of jaipur is \({ 27 }^{ \circ }\)

  • The tilt of the earth's axis \({ 23.5 }^{ \circ }\)

  • Assume earth to be perfectly spherical, ceteris paribus.

  • Use of scientific calculator is advised for the calculations to get the right accuracy.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Amcanada

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