Resistors tend to infinity

According to the 2 circuits shown in the figure which of the following statement is correct:

statement 1: RAB=RCD=3+2R_{AB}=R_{CD}=\sqrt{3}+2

statement 2: RAB=3+1R_{AB}=\sqrt{3}+1

statement 3: RCD=5+1R_{CD}=\sqrt{5}+1

sattement 4: RAB>RCDR_{AB}>R_{CD}

Details And Assumptions

  • there can be more than 1 correct statements

  • If you think that statement statement a and statement b are correct then submit your answer as ab, for example if statement 1 and 2 are correct submit 12, if you think statement 1, 3, 4 are correct submit answer as 134, if only statement 2 is correct submit answer as 2


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