Revising Chemistry 1!

Chemistry Level 3

Ethanoic Acid Reacts with NaOH to give a salt(A).

When Salt (A) Is electrolysed it gives a gas (B) Containing all carbon

carbon single bonds. When Compound (B) Undergoes free radical

monochlorination it gives compound (C). When Compound is Heated

With Alcoholic KOH It gives an unsaturated compound (D). When

Compound (D) Is treated Bromine gas in presence of Tetra chloro

methane gives an alkyl halide (E). When This Compound Is Treated

With Alcoholic KOH Followed By reaction with Sodamide It gives a

gas (F) .

How Many of the following statements are correct?

  1. Salt(A) Is Basic due to salt hydrolysis in aqueous phase.

  2. We could have also prepared (B) From Reacting Salt (A) With Soda lime followed by monochlorination and then reacting it with sodium and dry ether.

3.(E) Is a geminal dihalide.

4.Gas (F) Is used in welding arcs

5.Gas (F) Cannot React With Grignard Reagent.

6 . Hydrolysis Of Calcium Carbide Produces Gas (F) As A Biproduct

7 . (D) Is more acidic than (F)

8 . (D) Can Show Geometrical Isomerism

9 . If (D) Is reacted with HBr once in the presence of organic

peroxide and then not in the presence of organic peroxide we will get

different products.

10.When (B) Is reacted With Oxygen gas in the presence of

Manganese(II) Acetate the solution turns alkaline.

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