Right Triangle In Triangle

Geometry Level 5

In the figure above, \(\Delta ABC\) is a triangle. \(\overline { AD } \) is the angle bisector of \(\angle BAC\). Also \(\angle BDA={ 90 }^{\circ}\) and \(M\) is a point on \(\overline {BC}\) so that \(|\overline { BM } |=|\overline { MC } |\).

Given that \(|\overline {AB}|=17\) and \(|\overline {AC}|=61\), find \(|\overline {DM} |\).


\(|\overline {DM}|\) refers to the length of line segment DM.

\(\overline {DM} \) refers to the line segment DM.

The diagram may not be drawn to scale.


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