Running out of lock.

It was the last day of the school year, and every student was requested to clear their lockers. Unfortunately, Jim forgot the code for the lock, and can not find a way to open it. However, a rude but smart guy named Jay know the code. Jay felt pitiful and decided to give Jim some clues to open it.

The clues are:
1. It is a 4-digit code.
2. The code consists of only 1-digit numbers.
2. The numbers are less than a 2-digit number.
3. The third number is half the 2-digit number.
4. The second number is 3
5. The sum of the second and the third number is the fourth number.
6. The half of the fourth number is equal to the first number.
7. The 2-digit number is the sum of the second and the fourth number minus one.

What is the code? What is the 2-digit number?

Write your answers in a form like this:

abcd is equal to the code, A being the first number and D being the last number
ee is equal to the 2 digit number.


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