Russia Vs ISIS!

Yesterday I was observing a Russian air jet which was flying above Jableh's airspace and heading to bomb the ISIS, It was like 1 km high, I have the "STD" which is a voice tracking device "it allows me to know the location of any sound source by tracking it by its sound waves!.

My device showed that the angle between the aircraft and the horizontal (45.32D) , and I managed to measure the angle and was 37.40D.

What is the time required aircraft to get to the nearest ISIS site?

Details And Assumptions:

-Neglect the relativistic effects.

-Assume that the sound wave speed is 343.24m/s.

-The Russian aircraft is flying in a straight line and towards me.

-The Russian air craft was flying on the same high level.

-The aircraft sticks to the same velocity.

-The nearest ISIS site is 40km away from Jableh!

-Report you answer in minutes up to two decimal places.


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