Scheming Star Card

Logic Level 3

Max, his younger friend, Samantha, and her youngest sister, Rachel went to their carnival amazed by the sight of the games and attractions. They approached a game booth handing money to the worker. He explained that each one of them would have 6 cards in front of them. On each card, there is one letter, one number, and one color. Providing possible combinations that can be on the 6 cards, the worker explained that each one of them must guess which of the combinations of letters, numbers, and colors are on one specific "Star Card". Telling Max, Samantha, and Rachel separately based on their​ age starting from the oldest one element of the combination ( one letter, one number, and one color), the worker laid out possible combinations that could be on that "Star Card" (F12orange=answer 1, A5pink=answer 2, F2green=answer 3, A12orange=answer 4, C12pink=answer 5, B12blue=answer 6:

  • F12orange

  • A5pink

  • F2green

  • A12orange

  • C2pink

  • B12blue

After evaluating their element of each combination ( letter, number, and color) and how it affects their answer, they can assume:

Max: I know that my friends are unaware of the combination, but I as well I am not sure of the combination on the star card.

Samantha: I do not know the answer but based on my element within the combination I can eliminate certain answers also by understanding the difference in my element revolving in greater or of lesser value in each element combinations. Yet, I still have other possible answers to choose from.

Rachel: I know that my friends might know the combination now, but I know based on the higher difference in value numerically of each combination, that there is a certain combination that is definitely the combination including one letter, one number, and one color on the "Star Card".

What is the combination on the star card?


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