Science of Apps! - Part 2- Angry Birds

Classical Mechanics Level 2

Another game which was incredibly popular was Angry Birds. The game follows a group of birds on a quest to retrieve their eggs from the green pigs. The game itself has a simple gameplay. All the player has to do is drag the sling shot, release the bird and destroy the pigs.

There are many different types of birds with different superpowers. Now, take the following scenario. I have a bomb bird ( a bird which explodes) and I have to kill two pigs located \(245\) and \(255\) meters away from the slingshot. To kill the two pigs, the bird must land right in between them, considering the bird does not bounce. If the slingshot is on level ground, and the bird must be shot at an angle of \(\frac{\pi}{12}\) from the ground, what is the velocity, in m/s, required to complete the task?

Take \(g=9.8 m/s^{2}\)

This problem is part of the Science of Apps! series


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