Science of Apps! - Part 4: Fruit Ninja

Classical Mechanics Level 3

Fruit Ninja is one of the highest selling apps of all time. It involves the player donning the role of a fruit slicing ninja, training to become the best. The game is made realistic with fruit smashes, and different types of fruits being thrown for slicing, from watermelons to coconuts to strawberries to bananas.

The game is such that you can cut and dice the fruits with the swipe of your finger. Slicing more than one fruit at a time opens the possibilities of combos. Say a watermelon is thrown upwards at a speed of \(x\) m/s. When the watermelon reaches its apex of \(5\) m., a coconut is thrown up at a speed of \(y\) m/s. If the watermelon and the coconut are on the same horizontal line, exactly \(1\) m. off the ground at some point in time, find \(\frac{\lfloor x\rfloor}{\lfloor y\rfloor}\)

Take \(g=10m/s^2\)

This problem is part of the Science of Apps! series.


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