Seven Dwarfs

Logic Level 3

There are 7 dwarfs arranged in a respective age order: A (eldest), B, C, D, E, F, & G (youngest). The 7 of them all have distinct birth days in a week, and the order is not quite as simple as their ages. When you interview the 7 dwarfs, this is what they tell you:

Sunday dwarf: I'm younger than Monday dwarf but older than Tuesday one.

Monday dwarf: I'm older than both Tuesday and Wednesday dwarfs.

Tuesday dwarf: I'm younger than both Wednesday and Thursday dwarfs.

Wednesday dwarf: I'm younger than Thursday dwarf but older than Friday one.

Thursday dwarf: I'm older than both Friday and Saturday dwarfs.

Friday dwarf: I'm younger than the Saturday dwarf but older than the Sunday one.

Saturday dwarf: I'm older than both Sunday and Monday dwarfs.

Starting from Sunday to Saturday, what is the order of the newly arranged dwarfs? (Use 1 to 7 for A to G respectively. For example, if you think the week day order is ABCDEFG, enter 1234567.)

Credit: Walt Disney


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