SHM of liquid

A V-shaped tube attached to the ground with its vertex. It's one leg makes an angle of 30 30 ^\circ, and the other leg makes an angle of 6060 ^\circ with the horizontal. The tube is filled with a liquid in a total length of 1 m1\text{ m}. Now the liquid at one side is displaced a little.Find the Time - period of SHM.

Your answer can be represented as aπbc(d+1)  ,\sqrt{\dfrac{a \pi^b}{c (\sqrt{d} + 1)}} \; ,

where a,b,ca,b,c and dd are positive integers with a,ca,c coprime and dd square-freee.

Enter your answer as a+b+c+d a + b + c + d .

Details and Assumptions:

  • Neglect surface tension , viscuous force and friction.

  • g=10 m/s2 g = 10\text{ m/s}^2.

This is a part of my set: Aniket's Mechanics Challenges.

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