Shock Wave Of Jet Plane

Classical Mechanics Level 2

The above is a schematic diagram of the shock wave of a jet plane (the sound source) which is flying at a constant velocity of \(v_s.\) When the sound source moves from \(S_1\) to \(S_2\), the sound wave which was generated at \(S_1\) progresses a distance of \(R\) as above. Which of the following explanations is correct? (The velocity of sound is \(v\).)

a) \(v_s\) is larger than \(v\).

b) The distance between \(S_1\) and \(S_2\) is \(\frac{v_sR}{v}\).

c) If \(v_s\) becomes bigger, then \(\theta\) becomes bigger, too.


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