Shooting a particle with its isotope!

Electricity and Magnetism Level pending

There is a uniformly charged disc of surface charge density \(\sigma\) and of radius 1m. H=10m height below the disc is a gun which is continuously emitting a charged particle and its isotope in the vertically upward direction. The particles are charged through same potential before being emitted. The charge of particle is \(q=8*10^{-19}C\). The difference of potential energies of particle and the isotope at the centre of the disc is \(10^{-23}J\). Also the velocity of particle at the centre of the disc is 0. The ratio of masses of particle and isotope is \(\frac{3}{2}\). Find the total energy of isotope at the centre of the disc.

Given: \(\frac { \sigma }{ { \varepsilon }_{ 0 } } ={ 10 }^{ -4 }N/C \)

The answer is of the form: \(A.10^{-B}\), where A and B are positive integers.

Find A+B.


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