Shooting hoops

Amanda decides to practice shooting hoops from the free throw line. She decides to take 100 shots before dinner.

Her first shot has a 50% chance of going in.

But for Amanda, every time she makes a shot, it builds her confidence, so the probability of making the next shot goes up, But every time she misses, she gets discouraged so the probability of her making her next shot goes down.

In fact, after nn shots, the probability of her making her next shot is given by P=b+1n+2P = \dfrac{b+1}{n+2}, where bb is the number of shots she has made so far (as opposed to ones she has missed).

So, after she has completed 100 shots, if the probability she has made exactly 83 of them is ab\dfrac ab, where aa and bb are coprime positive integers, what is a+ba+b?

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