Shrek is love. Shrek is life

Probability Level 5

You are given that Shrek is love\text{Shrek is love} and Shrek is life\text{Shrek is life} Thus, Love is life\text{Love is life} don't you agree? But let's make this more mathematical shall we? We are given the equation LOVE+IS=LIFE.LOVE + IS = LIFE. How many different combinations are there for this equation?

Details and Assumptions

  • Each distinct letter stands for a distinct number.

  • The first digit of a number cannot be 0.

  • As long as one alphabet stands for a different number than another combination, it is considered a new combination.

Example: 294+80=374294+80=374 and 296+80=376296+80=376 are 2 different combinations (of course, not for this equation).


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