Simultaneous Countably Infinitely Many Hats

Logic Level 3

Countably infinitely many mathematicians have been taken hostage. They are indexed by the positive integers (each mathematician knows their integer) and are standing in a line so that mathematician nn can see each mathematician mm for m>nm>n.

The mathematicians are each given a red or blue hat; they cannot see their own. Simultaneously, the mathematicians will each guess their own hat colors. All mathematicians who guess correctly may leave. The mathematicians are not allowed to communicate extra information other than their guess (e.g. by gesturing) on pain of death to all the participants - they must simply guess.

Beforehand, the mathematicians have agreed upon a strategy to minimize the number of mathematicians who might guess incorrectly. Ignoring problems like limited vision or finite memory capacity and assuming the axiom of choice holds, what is the greatest possible number of mathematicians that might guess incorrectly?

This problem is not original. It seems similar to the famous red/blue hat puzzle, but looks can be deceiving.

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