Snow White

Logic Level 3

Snow White and the seven dwarves, fed up with being pestered by autograph hunters, changed their names and went off to work - all 8 of them, one behind the other in a single file line - confident that now they would not be recognised.

PS: In the following clues, we are using their code names.

1) There were 2 places between Florence and Ernie, while Bertie was immediately in front of Henry.

2) Celia was 3 places in front of Daniel and there were 2 places between Andrea and Brian. Brian was somewhere in front of Florence, Henry was somewhere in front of Celia, and Ernie was immediately in front of Andrea.

Perhaps they should have changed their clothes as well, because a fan ran up to the fourth from the front and shouted, "You're Dopey!"

What was Dopey's code name?


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