So I am back on the Surface! [Part III]

Geometry Level 3

My mother, Toriel, has recently agreed to take consent on being the queen of monsters again after leaving the underground. But she plans to change her clothes to a more, "stylish" type of design. She then decided to change the straight triangles in her Delta Rune into a more curvier type.

Mom says that the large triangles are equilateral triangles with a side length of 77.

But there on arises a question,\large\text{But there on arises a question,}

what is the area of this “curvier triangle” shaded blue?\large\textbf{what is the area of this “curvier triangle” shaded blue?}

Whoever wants to submit a report for this problem can go here\color{#333333}\text{Whoever wants to submit a report for this problem can go here}


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