So, who's it gonna be?

Calculus Level 3

Naruto and Madara are having an epic duel.

Naruto fires his signature move, the Rasenshuriken whose initial size is 100 m3100~m^3 and is growing uniformly at the rate of 20 m3/sec20~m^3/\textrm{sec}.

At the same moment, Madara, being a guy who can absorb Chakra uses his absorption ninjutsu to disperse the Rasenshuriken. Assume that he can disperse it at a uniform rate of 25 m3/sec25~m^3/\textrm{sec} and that Naruto forms the Rasenshuriken in 20 sec20\textrm{ sec} and once it is formed, it cannot be dispersed in any way and will surely hit Madara.

So, what will happen? Will Madara or Naruto succeed?


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