Solubility of gas

Chemistry Level pending

The above left is a cylinder containing \(1\) kg of water at \(0\)°C. Then gases A and B nonreactive to each other are added. After enough time passes, as the picture on the right shows, the height \(h\) is stabilized with partial pressures of both gases being \(0.5\) atm. The solubilities of gases A and B at \(0\)°C and \(1\) atm are \[2\times10^{-3} \text{ g/100 g of water},\] \[4\times10^{-3} \text{ g/100 g of water},\] respectively. If the formula weight of B is twice as much as that of A and the mass of the piston is negligible, which of the following statements is/are correct?

a) The dissolved weight of gas B is twice as much as that of gas A.
b) The number of moles of gases A and B, when added initially, were not the same.
c) The molalities of gases A and B, after being dissolved in the water, are the same.


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