Solution, Solute and Solvent Problem 7

Chemistry Level 1

At 20C20^\circ\text{C}, a 200 g200\text{ g} saturated NaCl\ce{NaCl} solution is heated until 40 g40\text{ g} of water is evaporated. Then, the solution is cooled down back to 20C20^\circ\text{C}. What is the mass of NaCl\ce{NaCl} that is separated out from the solvent in grams?

Details and Assumptions:

The solubility of NaCl\ce{NaCl} at 20C20^\circ\text{C} is 36 g/100 g36\text{ g}/100\text{ g} water

You may refer to Chemistry - Solution, Solute and Solvent Note.

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