Solving a Brilliant Math Problem

Probability Level 5

The probability that Katarina will correctly solve a given Brilliant math problem is 18 \frac{1}{8} . The probability that Layla will solve the same problem correctly is 112 \frac{1}{12} . Given that they are both incorrect, the probability that they will give the same incorrect numerical result is 11001 \frac{1}{1001} .

Suppose Katarina and Layla solve a Brilliant math problem independently and get the same numerical result. The probability that they get the correct answer, given that they got the same numerical result, can be written as ab \frac{a}{b} , where aa and bb are coprime positive integers. Find a+b a + b .

Details and assumptions

Clarification: When both of them solve the question correctly, they got the same numerical result.


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