Some Of Multiples

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Alex had a habit of viewing Natural numbers in groups of 10.

Group 0: 1 to 10; Group 1: 11 to 20; Group 2: 21 to 30; and so on.

One day he observed, that multiplying any number in 'Group 0' with 9, the results have sum of digits equal to 9. If he multiplied any number in 'Group 1' with 9, all the results except 11*9, has sum of digits equal to 9.

He kept on doing this until he figured 'Group m'. When, we multiply each number of 'Group m' with 9, the sum of digits of each of the digits are greater than 18.

If 'm' is the minimum value of such a group fulfilling this property,

If 'n' is the number formed by multiplying 9 with smallest number in group 'm'. Find the leftmost 3 digits of 'n'


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