Someone stole the cookie jar again!

Logic Level 3

Someone stole the cookie jar again! You manage to narrow down your list of suspects to 4 people: Albert, Sydney, Garfield, and Ann. You gather all of them into a room and interview each suspect.

Albert: I am taller than Ann, Garfield stole the cookie jar, and Sydney always lies.

Sydney: I'm female, Garfield is taller than Albert, and the tallest person in this room stole the cookie jar.

Garfield: Ann is taller than me, Ann always lies, and Sydney did not steal the cookie jar.

Ann: Sydney is male, you are not taller than me, and I'm the only one that always tells the truth. Also, Garfield stole the cookie jar!

(Assume that a person either always lies or always tells the truth. The fact that a person stole the cookie jar does not imply that said person always lies.)

Who stole the cookie jar?


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