Sorting The Exponentials

Computer Science Level 5

When the set \( \left( 3^{100},2^{140},3^{90} \right) \) is sorted, we get \(\left( 2^{140},3^{90},3^{100} \right) \).

Sort this set of 100 exponentials and find the sum of the exponents of the elements with even indices.

Details and assumptions.

  • An index is the position of an item in a list. For example in the list \(\left(a,b,c,d\right)\), the index of \(a\) is \(0\), \(b\) is \(1\), \(c\) is \(2\) and the index of \(d\) is \(3\). The sum of all the elements with even indices is \(a+c\).

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