Springs and SHM - 2

Classical Mechanics Level 5

A very light rod of length \(\ell\) pivoted at \(O\) is connected with two springs of stiffness \(k_1\) and \(k_2\) at a distance \(a\) and \(\ell\) from the pivot respectively. A block of mass \(m\) attached with the spring \(k_2\) is kept on a smooth horizontal surface. If the angular frequency of small oscillation of the block \(m\) is \(\omega\), find \[\lceil{1000\omega}\rceil\]


  • \(m = 10kg,~ k_1 = 23Nm^{-1},~ k_2 = 34Nm^{-1},~l=1m,~a = 43cm\)

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