Squigi Boo Saves Riji Boo!

Algebra Level 1

One day, Squigi Boo was collecting water from a 100100 meter deep well when he heard a scream from within the well. He instantly recognised the scream to be coming from Riji Boo, and did not hesitate to slide down the well to save Riji Boo.

Squigi Boo climbed up the well in this manner: He jumps 44 meters up while holding Riji Boo, but will fall 11 meter before he clings onto the wall. How many jumps will it take for Squigi Boo to reach the top of the well with Riji Boo?

Details and Assumptions

11. Fun Fact: Both Squigi Boo and Riji Boo are my classmates' nicknames. Thank you for letting me use your nicknames, without me asking for your permission.

22. I wrote this just for fun and to train my writing skills.

Image credit: Wikipedia Neogeolegend

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