Street People

Logic Level 4

4 friends meet up on a busy street in the city. 2 places are mentioned in this short conversation of pals. The statements below are listed in different orders. 1 of the 4 people convinces someone else to leave with them.

The statement are listed below:

Tyrone speaks first, saying: "I'm going to Macy's without Jenny but with Caden."
Caden says: "Let's go Jenny, Tyrone is fooling with us. Why would he want to go to Macy's?"
Mario finally gives up on them and says: "How about we all go somewhere else? Except you Caden, me and Jenny can go in one direction while you go with somebody elsewhere.
Jenny says after Tyrone: "I went with you guys to eat out at Olive Garden. I guess I'll leave everyone alone."

Which person is not going to another destination with a friend?


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