Subway Surfers Fans, jump in now !

In the game Subway Surfers you have to collect coins in 3 lanes as seen in the picture. Let's call them as lanes A,B and C.

Because of the barriers in the way, he has to jump or roll to dodge a barrier.

In a particular run, the player jumped 100 times.

Then the number of jumps he made in the lanes A,B and C was JA,JB,JCJ_A , J_B , J_C respectively.

How many possibilities are there for the ordered triple (JA,JB,JC)(J_A,J_B,J_C) ?

Details and assumptions :-

\bullet It's possible that no jumps were made in some lane.

\bullet The player makes an integer number of jumps in each lane.

\bullet The number of jumps in any lane can't be negative obviously.


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