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Logic Level 5

Above is a Cross the Streams puzzle.

Shade some of the cells black so that all black cells are connected and no \(2\times2\) square is entirely shaded black. The clues outside the grid gives the contents of the corresponding row/column, reading from left to right and from top to bottom.


  • A number means a group of consecutive black cells; two different groups in the same row/column must be separated by at least one white cell.

  • A question mark (?) indicates a single group of unknown size.

  • an asterisk (*) indicates an unknown number of groups (which may differ in size, and there might be no group at all).

Complete the puzzle and submit your answer as the number black cells used in the \(3^\text{rd} \) row plus the number of black cells used in the \(8^\text{th} \) row.

Image Credit: Paw-Crafted Logic Puzzles. No copyright infringement intended.

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