Surviving the Titanic - Part 3

Probability Level 2

Assuming that you are an adult individual on the Titanic (of either gender), would you be more likely to survive as a member of the crew, or as a member of third class?

Note: You will want to keep in mind the results of Part 2 of this problem.

Children, First class651
Women, First Class1441404
Men, First Class17557118
Children, Second Class24240
Women, Second Class938013
Men, Second Class16814154
Children, Third Class792752
Women, Third Class1657689
Men, Third Class46275387
Women, Crew23203
Men, Crew885192693
Image: This image is of the actual iceburg thought to have sunk the Titanic. It was found after the wreck with a long streak of red paint on its side.

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