Swimming Pool Complex Construction

Geometry Level 2

4 swimming pools were planned for construction at a new swimming complex, however there were last minute modifications to their building plans before construction starts. Which of the following swimming pools would face the largest percentage increase in capacity volume?

Swimming Pool A (cuboid shaped) with its length decreased by 10%, width increased by 10% and depth increased by 5%.

Swimming Pool B (hemispherical shaped) with its diameter increased by 1%.

Swimming Pool C (initially cuboid shaped) with its length and width unchanged, but its cross sectional area has been divided into two areas (or sections) with different distinct depths from the initial depth. 40% of the pool faced a 5% reduction in depth while the rest of the pool faced a 10% increase in depth.

Swimming Pool D (cylindrical shaped) with the circumference of its circular cross-sectional area increased by 2%.


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