Symmetrical Spiky Polygon

Geometry Level 1

The figure to the right consists of 6 straight lines. Suppose the following is known:

  • A1B1=A2B2, A1B2=A2B1, |\overline{A_1B_1}| = |\overline{A_2B_2}|,\ |\overline{A_1B_2}| = |\overline{A_2B_1}|,\ and B1C=B2C.|\overline{B_1C}| = |\overline{B_2C}|.
  • A1B1A2B1\overline{A_1B_1} \perp \overline{A_2B_1} and A1B2A2B2.\overline{A_1B_2} \perp \overline{A_2B_2}.
  • The three acute angles A1,A2,A_1, A_2, and CC have congruent measures.

What is the measure of CB1A2?\angle CB_1A_2?


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