Tetris Trouble

Logic Level 2

In Tetris, the goal of the game is to clear as much rows of blocks as possible by slotting in tetriminos (blocks of 4 stuck together) inside a space known as the matrix.

A player receives a line of four blocks, and needs to decide where to place it.

In a certain situation, there are two choices:

A. Scoring a Tetris (placing it in a straight line) will bring an 100% chance of success, but only gives 800 points.

B. Placing it on the side of the matrix will lead to no points, but leads to another three choices.

The next block that the player receives is a T-block. The three choices are:

i. Slot in the T-block and get 1000 points with 80% chance

ii. Do a T-spin and recieve 1200 points with 50% chance

iii. Forever spin the T-block until it spontaneously explodes and get 100000000 points. (The chances of a T-block spontaneously exploding in mid-air is 0.000000000001%)

If you fail, you receive only 200 points.

If you have 200 points and need to reach a high score of 1200 in one move, which is the better choice?


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