Inclined scenario

A man of mass \(50 \ \text{kg}\) stands on a block of mass \(5 \ \text{kg}\) which rests on an inclined plane of inclination \({30}^\circ\) and is connected to a light rope. This rope goes through 3 pulleys and lands back in the hands of the man as shown in the figure. If the coefficient of friction \(\mu\) between the block and the surface is \(10.1\), then find the maximum force with which the man can pull the rope downwards such that the block does not start sliding down the inclined plane.

Details and assumptions:-

  • Assume that the rope and pulleys are massless.
  • Take \(\text{g}\) (acceleration due to gravity) as \(10 {\text{ m/sec}}^2\).
  • Neglect the air resistance.
  • Round your answer (in newtons) off to the nearest integer.

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