The 3 Doors Of Doom

Logic Level 1

You are in a room with 4 doors and a guard. The guard says, "Welcome to the end of your quest! Behind one of these four doors lies the treasure you have been searching for. However, behind the other 3 doors lies certain death. Each door has a sign on it, but you are not sure which signs are truthful or which are lies. However, you are certain that the door that contains the treasure is truthful. Choose your door wisely and remember, "if you pick wrong, death will be brought upon you."

Here are what the four signs read:

  • Door 1: Exactly one of doors 3 and 4 is truthful.
  • Door 2: Both odd-numbered doors are untruthful.
  • Door 3: Neither of the odd-numbered doors contains the treasure.
  • Door 4: One of the even-numbered doors contains the treasure.

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