The angular traversing

Geometry Level 3

There are two circles. One with centre A [say circle A] whose radius is fixed and cannot be changed and one with center C [say circle C] whose radius can be varied with the help of a point B which lies on the circumference of the circle with center A.

Right now both the circles viz. Circle A and Circle B have equal radii(As shown). The point B is right now in its \(initial\) position.

Now, it traversed on the radius of the Circle A and reached a point where the point A, B and C are collinear(as shown below).

Assume angle CAB=180°. Let's call this position of point B as \(final\) position.

What angle is subtended to the center of the Circle A by the arc which is being traversed by point B from its \[initial\] to \[final\] position?

NOTE : The point B is bound to traverse on the circumference of the Circle A. And the point C is fixed and cannot move.

The figures drawn are just to give an idea of the question.The assumptions are to be taken, as the answer is with respect to the assumption.


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