The Animals in Shadowbrook Forest

Algebra Level 3

Shadowbrook forest is populated with 25 animals. Out of these animals, there are seven different species. The seven species are mouse, rabbit, squirrel, duck, deer, fox, and bear. There are more mice than there are rabbits, and there are more squirrels than rabbits, and also more squirrels than mice. The duck, mice, and fox populations are equal, and there are three more deer than bears. There are also two more deer than foxes. There is one bear in Shadowbrook forest.

The next day, two fox cubs are born. The male fox goes hunting to provide for his mate and their cubs, and catches two squirrels. The bear, meanwhile, catches a duck.

What is \(\frac { { \text{squirrel} }_{ \text{pop}. }-{ \text{duck} }_{\text{pop}. } }{ { \text{mouse} }_{ \text{pop}. } } \) now?

Details and Assumptions:

  • Animal populations are whole numbers

  • There cannot be 0 or negative numbers of animals


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