The Blind, the Deaf, the Mute

Four friends named A, B, C, D were challenged to play a weird "Guess-A-Word" game. The 4 contestants would be separated into 4 different chambers, where they couldn't see or hear each other unless permitted, with the following conditions:

  1. One of the contestants would be blindfolded such that he could not see anything but could still listen and speak well. (The Blind)
  2. One would be ear-plugged such that he could not hear the others but could still see and speak a word to others. (The Deaf)
  3. One would be mouth-sealed such that he could not speak but could see and listen well. (The Mute)
  4. The remaining one would not be constrained by any means at all and perceive all senses. (The Normal)

Initially, none of them knew who was which. Then the game would proceed as follows.

First, A would be secretly shown a word in text. They would then need to verbally tell B by voice. (The walls made B only would hear this. B couldn't see A even B was not blind, so A couldn't communicate using sign language or anything else though if A was deaf and B was blind, B could still hear A's word.) B would then have to say the word aloud to get a point.

Next, it's B's turn telling a new word to C, with the same rules as above. Then it's C's turn telling D, and lastly D's turn telling A.

After the game concluded, the four friends didn't get any point. They then discussed the game:

B: That was a hard game!

A: Indeed! I wonder what word you've got, C?

C: Not a chance. I've only known one word in this game. I'm going to keep it my secret.

D: Such a pity. I wish I could know your word, C.

What identities were A, B, C, D during the game? Let 1 = The Blind, 2 = The Deaf, 3 = The Mute, and 4 = The Normal; enter your answer as the identities of A, B, C, and D in order. For example, if you think A is The Blind, B is The Deaf, C is The Mute, and D is The Normal, then you should enter 12341234 as your answer.


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